Kathi Smith

Kathi Smith’s lush, expressionistic paintings are known for their loose, confident brush strokes, and their complex and sophisticated interplay of textures, gestural marks, and rich, abundant color.

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John Danosreal&remembered
Miklos Pogany

Hungarian-born Maine resident, Miklos Pogany is a master of multiple media, creating vivid works based on nature and the built environment, exploring and pushing the parameters of each medium.

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John Danosmiklospogany
Harold Garde

With a remarkably accomplished career spanning seven decades, Harold Garde has made a significant, if often under-recognized contribution to Post-War American art.

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John Danosharoldgarde
Thomas Flanagan

Emphasizing shape - both geometric and organic - Thomas Flanagan combines pure line mixed with saturated colors, middle tones, and greys into mesmerizing works that have been described as the physical representation of sound and movement.

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John Danostomflanagan
David Wolfe

David Wolfe is a master printer whose woodcuts, prints and handmade books are in the collections of Bates College Museum of Art, Bowdoin College Museum of Art Special Collections and the Portland Museum of Art, as well as numerous private collections.

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John Danosdavidwolfe
Charlie Hewitt

Charlie Hewitt is nationally known for his dynamic, imaginative paintings, sculpture, prints, and neon constructions. His work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Library of Congress, Portland Museum of Art, and Bates College Museum of Art.

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DM Witman

DM Witman works with photographic media to explore our relationship to the natural world, our place in the universe, and our responsibly to this earth and those who inhabit it, in the process creating captivating, exquisite pieces of visual art.

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John Danosdmwitman
Tom Hall

In unmistakable fashion, Tom Hall captures the rugged, haunting beauty of the Maine landscape. Whether pristine or impacted by human hands, Hall emotionally conveys the true spirit of the place depicted.

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John Danostomhall
Tom Paiement

Colorfully geometric, with tactile surfaces that reflect his accomplished printmaking abilities, Paiement's paintings sing with complex lyricism. His abstraction explores the shadowy space between reason and emotion, incorporating both intuitive and highly thought-out compositional elements.

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John Danostompaiement
Sean Alonzo Harris

Sean Alonzo Harris’ work is marked by a fine art sensibility and an emphasis on environmental portraits. An authentic connection to his subjects movingly and beautifully shines through in his work.

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John Danosseanharris
Ian Trask

Ian Trask, a scientist-turned-artist, creates from things that are either discarded or donated in the deliberate effort to let community and access dictate the direction of his work. His work has been exhibited across the country, including, in Maine, at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art.

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Crystal Cawley

Crystal Cawley’s work combines her interests in the form and history of clothing and the possibilities of paper and fabric sculpture with traditional handiwork like embroidery, spinning, and letter press spinning. Starting with something tangible, such as a box of old greeting cards or puzzle pieces, Cawley incorporates the visual history of the discarded objects into something beautiful and new.

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Lucile Evans

Lucile Evans (1894-1993), a fearless, emotionally complex, and extremely talented painter and printmaker who achieved an impressive career despite the marginalization and constraints faced by female artists of her generation.

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John Danoslucileevans
Jeremy Barnard

Jeremy Barnard has been primarily a practitioner of black and white photography for the past fifty plus years. Artist/writer David Raymond wrote in Art New England  that Barnard's photographs “not only convey a sense of place, but a sense of time transcending place,...his work is poetic in unexpected ways.”

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