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The focus of this multi-media space is a celebration of Maine's storied and out-sized place in American Art History, with a mission of promoting contemporary Maine art, contributing to the Maine arts economy, and engaging meaningfully in the vibrant and growing East Bayside community by offering workshops and art-centered educational opportunities. Our 8,000 square foot exhibition space is dedicated to showing the incredible breadth and depth of fine art being made in this state and demonstrating how Maine remains a buzzing locus of creative energy - and how vibrant and vital Maine's art scene continues to be. The space includes multiple galleries and showrooms, a bookstore/small works gallery, event and workshop space, and a full-size, retractable movie screen for video art installations and film screenings. In recognition of the current paucity of affordable studio space in Portland, Cove Street Arts also features two artist studios in which residencies will be offered on an invitational basis.

“Art appreciation, like Love, Cannot Be Done By Proxy ”
- Robert Henri

With multiple exhibitions at a time and a new exhibition opening every month, there is always something new to see and different artists to discover. There is also always something to do with regular workshops, educational programs, open studio days, and film screenings. Whether you are a serious collector or someone who simply enjoys seeing great art, Co-Directors Kelley Lehr and John Danos warmly invite you to visit Cove Street Arts to experience the rich diversity of Maine contemporary art. As Robert Henri’s quote observes, art is best experienced in person.

Open: M-F 10 to 5:30 pm, Sat. 10 to 5 pm
71 Cove St., Portland, ME
(207) 808-8911

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