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EXQUISITE BEAUTY. The enduring legacy of grace.

September 19 - November 16 2019

Curated by Marcia Minter, this exhibition displays the Cuba-based work of photographer David Caras and the Asia-based photography of Meredith Kennedy. Although immediately recognizable as foreign, the images Caras and Kennedy capture evoke our shared humanity across cultures and the often exquisite (acute, even painful) beauty we create.

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Real & Remembered

October 12 - December 7 2019

An exhibition of the paintings of three artists - Roy Germon, Kathi Smith, and Timothy Wilson - whose expressive landscapes capture and convey place not simply as a visual experience but as an emotional one as well, inviting the viewer to draw upon his or her own memories of the indelible Maine landscape.

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November 9 2019 - January 11 2020

An exhibition, curated by Bruce Brown, featuring works on paper by four artists: Karen Adrienne, Kathleen Florance, Frank Mauceri, and Munira Naqui. These artists employ painting, drawing, monotypes, and computer print processes to explore exciting, contemporary uses of one of our oldest materials for conveying thought and emotion.

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Spotlight: Anne Neely

November 9 - January 11, 2020

An exhibition of large-scale work from Water Stories, Anne Neely's recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Science, Boston. These paintings explore the beauty and foreboding of water, related to central themes, mostly man-made and through climate change, affecting this country.

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Spotlight: Antoinette Prien Schultze

November 9 - January 11 2020

By combining stone and wood with glass in her sculpture, Antoinette Prien Schultze’s work projects strength and stability while capturing an emotional, vulnerable quality. As she states, “This quality of opposites, strength and fragility, is a reminder of the beautiful balancing act that is ever present in nature.”

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