Spotlight: DM Witman - Index


June 1, 2019 — July 27, 2019

About the Show

DM Witman is a trandisciplinary artist working with photographic materials. Her research and creative practice are deeply rooted within the realm of the effects of man on this world, in the Age of the Anthropocene, specifically ideas surrounding “ecological grief”. She seeks to document and raise awareness in a time when climate change is still deemed a political issue and not a human issue.

With Index, Witman draws upon her past experiences as a field biologist, to process grieving around the impending loss we are facing as the result of climate change. These photographs serve as a record for what once was the flora of a small patch of intertidal marsh of the St. George River where Witman lives and works. Reminiscent of herbarium records, the flora are memorialized and serve as a baseline against the impending change of increasing temperatures and rising waters. Witman’s small area of intertidal marsh will not be spared and will bear impact of these changes.

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This project was funded in part by a grant fro the Maine Arts Commission, and independent state agency supported by the National endowment for the Arts.

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