Spotlight: Tom Paiement - Entropy


June 1, 2019 — July 27, 2019

About the Show

Violent, but vulnerable. Unsettling, but hopeful. Tom Paiement’s mesmerizing Entropy triptych was inspired by the following passage from Alan Lightman’s “Defense of Disorder”:

“ENTROPY as a quantitative measure of disorder. It is the increase of entropy that is linked to transformation, movement, change in the world. The more disorder, the more entropy.

Clausius stated:
1. The energy of the Universe is constant.
2. The entropy of the Universe tends toward a maximum.

Order inevitably yields to disorder, and entropy increases until it cannot increase any further. It is this movement that drives the world. Temples slowly crumble, bones grow brittle, stars eventually burn out, emptying their hot energy into the coldness of space - but while doing so, they provide warmth and life to surrounding planets. We live off this relentless increase of disorder.”

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