The Sartorial Self


June 1, 2019 — July 27, 2019

About the Show

Featured Artists

The Sartorial Self is a fun, gorgeous, and thought-provoking meditation on the role fashion plays in shaping and expressing identity. This exhibition features bold 1970’s and 1980’s watercolors and wooden constructions by Fred Lynch alongside Lesia Sochor’s translucent images of women’s garments and mannequins, painted on found sewing patterns, and Crystal Cawley’s 2- and 3-dimensional works inspired by the artist’s interests in the form and history of clothing and the possibilities of paper and fabric sculpture with traditional handiwork. The show also features an authenticated 1950’s Andy Warhol illustration for Capezio Shoes, and Gin Stone’s magnificent and ultra haute cat goddess, Bast, who, like her runway worthy gown, is made from reclaimed North Atlantic fishing gear.

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