Timothy Wilson

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As Timothy Wilson describes his connection to the Maine landscape: “I grew up here. And then I went to school in Providence and then did the obligatory New York thing. I came back here about seven years ago. I grew up in more rural southern Maine. My dad was a woodworker and my mom used to love taking care of old houses. So every few years we’d move to these really old, derelict barns and farmhouses and—not flip them—but got them into working order. And then as soon as they were almost habitable, as soon as we had running water, we would move. So I feel like that experience in these wonderful sprawling landscapes with stone walls and these rotting farmhouses just really made me feel in touch with Maine, and this kind of stark strength and beauty. I feel very compelled to be here. And now that I’m painting I really want to document those experiences that were so vivid in my upbringing.”

Specifically, Wilson seeks to convey the more dramatic aspects of Maine: “In searching for a subject, for me it’s all about going with my gut and what I feel compelled to paint. So I know I am drawn to stormier more dramatic kinds of scenes. And I really enjoy—specifically in the last year or so in doing the plein air painting—trying to translate an experience onto a canvas. I find it boring to be outside on a pretty day. Nothing’s happening. It’s just blue skies and there’s no intrigue for me. So I really enjoy feeling the dense fog, or getting rained on, or having snow fall on me. It helps me develop the work in a richer way.”


2008 - Rhode Island School Design, Providence, RI

Selected Honors & Awards

  • Getaway, Artist in Residence, Epsom NH (2018)

  • Bryant Park, Artist in Residence, New York, NY (2018)

  • Dedee Shattuck Gallery, Artist in Residence, Westport, MA (2015)

  • Hewn Oaks, Artist in Residence, Kezar Lake, ME (2015)

  • Can-Serrat Artist in Reidence, Barcelona, Spain (2014)

  • Distinguished Artist Scholarship & Full Fellowship, Art Students League at the Vytlacil Campus, Sparkhill, NY (2014)

  • Scholarship, Vincent Desiderio Master Class, New York Academy of Art (2014)

  • Vermont Studio Center, AIR, Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship, Johnson, VT (2013, 2012)

  • Carlo Pittore Foundation, Figurative Arts Grant (2011)

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2018
    Fear of Death Disturbs Me, Steven Amedee, New York, NY

  • 2017
    Whispering Place, Sloane Merrill Gallery, Boston, MA

  • 2016
    Oncoming Storm, Sloane Merrill Gallery, Boston, MA

  • 2015
    Widdershins, Steven Amadee, New York, NY
    Restoration Hardware Contemporary Art, Tampa, FL
    Summer Exhibition, Corey Daniels Gallery, Wells, ME

  • 2014
    Amalgamate, Steven Amedee, New York, NY

  • 2013
    Dregs, FOC’SLE Gallery, Provincetown, MA

  • 2012
    BLACKSIENNABROWN, Design Center, Boston, MA
    Salt, FOC’SLE Gallery. Provincetown, MA

  • 2011
    The Devil’s Trew, FOC’SLE Gallery, Provincetown, MA
    Woolgathering, FOC’SLE Gallery, Provincetown, MA
    To Mark Anon, Corey Daniels Gallery, Wells, MA

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